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SMAA Corporation

Terms & Conditions

We (Smaa Corporation, its Employee & Directors) will accept all orders via email, Fax, or by Telephone. After receiving the confirm orders from the customers, we will contact the customers for further order confirmation, payments, and shipping arrangements. For Payments of confirm orders, we accept VISA, MasterCard, or Certifies Cheques. We will invoice and charge only for available items, however, if customer wants customized items or pre-booking of some items, partial payment will be required for further order proceeding.

After Payments confirmation, we will dispatch the order with invoice with in 2-5 working days. However, Delivery Company may further take 2-7 working days for delivery of the order to the dock level of the customers.

We will accept any damage, shortage, or surplus items from the customers with in 15 working days after the receiving of the delivery. All adjustments for damages, shortages or surplus items, will be done with mutual consent with the customers, and adjustments can be preceded by next order or by COD cheque from SMAA CORPORATION. We will not take back any leftovers and ordered items from the customers, unless, and otherwise committed before/at the time of order confirmation.

We can deny to ship any in stock item or items to the customers depending upon priority or any pre-orders. At the moment, we are dealing with only Canada customers. For US and other countries, we can negotiate for shipping and payments arrangements.

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